May, Beth

Beth May picture"To me, the compositional process is not complete until a performer interprets and shapes the music, and even performers who might choose to play works by composers they do not have the opportunity to interact with collaborate and are part of the creative process in their realization of the music. I have enjoyed writing music for many performers, directors, and choreographers. As a composer, my favorite thing is to work directly with performers and craft pieces that are tailor-made for the one(s) who will play them. I hope that my pieces will create worlds, images, and enjoyment for the listener." - S. Beth May


Beth’s specialties include:

Teaching and designing inclusive and exciting online and in-person classes

  • Composing chamber music
  • Collaborating with directors and choreographers
  • Creating educational content for learners and teachers

Beth is a passionate believer in…

  • learning, equity, thoughtfulness, and integrity

and also:

  • whimsy, adventure, exploration, and the unexpected

The Voice of New Music in San Antonio


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